Center for Jewish Life

The Center for Jewish Life houses a kosher dining hall on its first floor that is supervised by the Orthodox Union.

Please note that Friday and Saturday dinner hours are based on sundown and service times.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation at all University locations vary based on the academic calendar as well as events on campus. Please go to the Hours of Operation page for up-to-date information. Hours and closings during break periods will be announced.

Accepted Payment

Spring 2021: Meal plans, Paw Points, and student charge.

Students who are approved to be on campus and have completed the UHS Risk Assessment, COVID-19 Training Module, and signed the Social Contract, may purchase meals at open dining halls with the accepted payments. Students must comply with the Social Contract and participate in the mandatory Monitoring and Testing Program in place for students. For more information visit:


Tara Keeler, Senior Operations Manager, 609-258-2784

Chef Chad Rovner, Culinary Production Manager,  609-258-2213