Campus Dining Welcome Resources - Spring 2021

Welcome! We are excited to have you back on campus!
Listed below are links to help assist you in your arrival to campus. Check back often, as we will be updating the list when new information is available.

Please note the now extended time to the modified quarantine lunch pick up times.
In order to accommodate students during wintersession classes, Campus Dining meal pick up location hours for lunch have been extended from 11:30am to 1:15pm.

Campus Dining Resources
  • Campus Dining FAQs

  • Arrival Quarantine Meal Form

  • Welcome Information Letter: A physical copy of this letter can be found in the welcome bag in your room.

  • Quarantine Meals: 

    During arrival quarantine, from January 15–January 31, meals will be picked up at your assigned quarantine meal pickup location. Each time you pick up your meal, let us know if you are picking up a meat, a vegan/vegetarian, or a meal with special dietary needs.

    Upon your arrival to campus you will receive one bag with a continental breakfast, a cold lunch, and a cold dinner. After your first negative test result, you will pick up a lunch bag and a hot meal during lunch pickup hours (11:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m.). During dinner meal pickup hours (4:30-6 p.m.) you will receive both a hot dinner and a bag that also includes the next day’s continental breakfast. After picking up your meals, please return to your dorm rooms.

    At all times while at the meal pickup locations, please remember to wear your face covering, regardless if it is an indoor or outdoor location, and maintain proper social distancing.

    For location reference, we have a list and map of quarantine meal pickup locations.

    Your specific location should also be listed on the arrival quarantine meal form.


  • Density App for Dining Halls: Sensors have been installed at entryways and exits of open dining halls to provide anonymous, real-time counts of people present in the dining halls. Please note that dining halls are closed through January 31. You may refer to the Quarantine Meal Pickup Locations document for meal pickups.


For questions or concerns regarding quarantine or isolation meals, please contact Campus Dining by emailing or call 609-258-3726.

For general questions or inquiries relating to the dining program or meal options, please contact Campus Dining by emailing


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