Welcoming students to the team

Thursday, Oct 4, 2018
by Amy G. Brown

On a sunny September Sunday, Princeton University Campus Dining hosted the inaugural Student Employee Team Fair on the south lawn at Frist Campus Center. Students had the opportunity to meet staff members while enjoying food, games with prizes, a live DJ and a photo booth complete with chef coats, pots, pans, and whisks as props.

“This was a great opportunity to get to know our student team outside of work,” says Donna Pilenza, Associate Director of Team and People. “We enjoyed seeing them having fun and interacting with each other.”

During the program, students were asked to grab a marker and complete the sentence, “I am part of the Campus Dining team because ...,” on a whiteboard. Some of the answers included, “I like the diversity of the workers,” “social community,” “the friendships”, and “it’s a club disguised as work.”

Each year Campus Dining employs over 200 student workers in the residential dining halls and the business office.

Photo booth 1

The photo booth was a popular spot at the fair.