Smitha Haneef Interviewed on Meat and Three, Episode 87

Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020

On Friday, September 4, the radio show Meat and Three spoke with Smitha Haneef, assistant vice president, University Services, about the changes that have been made to Princeton’s on-campus dining in response to COVID-19. Meat and Three, a Heritage Radio Network program, is a weekly radio program designed to share the latest in food trends, news, impact, and more. In this episode, Haneef speaks to the University’s COVID-19 planning that began in January of this year, the evolving changes to the structure of Princeton’s dining experience, new fall semester protocols set in place to keep students and staff safe, and continuity of employment for the Campus Dining team.

The full episode can be found on Heritage Radio Network’s website. The interview with Smitha Haneef begins at 16:30.