Dining Points Add Flexibility to Block 95

Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017

In response to student feedback and recommendations from the Board Plan Review Committee, we added 250 Dining Points to the Block 95 plan. These points work the same as Paw Points except that they can only be used at Campus Dining retail and residential locations. This change increases the value of the Block 95 plan and also provides students with greater flexibility in dining options. 

Dining Points are only associated with the Block 95 meal plan and at can be used in the dining halls and at nine campus venues: Frist Food Gallery, Cafe Vivian, Witherspoon's, EQuad Cafe, Chemistry CaFe, Genomics Cafe, Chancellor Green Cafe and Atrium Cafe

Dining points start on the first day of meal plans in September and end on the last day of meal plan service in May. They do not carry over into the summer or the next academic year.

One dining point equals one U.S. dollar. Includes 125 Dining Points, per fall semester and spring semester for a total of 250 points over the academic year. No credit is given for unused meals or unused Dining Points. Students who sign up for the spring semester will receive 125 Dining Points. Dining points are not refundable.