Care.Connection.Community with Chef Julus Charles

April 7, 2020

Chef Julus Charles headshot.
Chef Julus Charles.
I hope everyone and their families are well and staying healthy. I can’t wait till we get through this and have all my colleagues back on campus, especially the students, who I enjoy cooking for so much!

It’s been my honor to be here and help feed those who are on campus with us. 

For our students on campus, today I am preparing one of my favorite dishes that is quick and easy.

Fresh Herbs Marinated Butterfly Chicken Breast. Served with a fresh diced mozzarella, tomato, olive, and capers, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil salad.

Serve with rosemary roasted Yukon gold potatoes.

-Chef Julus Charles
Seared Tilapia with Orange & Whole Grain Mustard Reduction
From Chef Julus Charles

Chef Julus Charles at the Campus Dining End of the Year Celebration. June 2019.
Chef Julus Charles at the Campus Dining End of the Year Celebration. June 2019
6 pieces of Tilapia, 3-5 oz portions
1½ tsp Olive Oil
dash of Kosher Salt
¼ tsp Cracked Black Pepper
2 tbsp Light Brown Sugar
1 Navel Orange
1 cup Water
1 cup Orange Juice Concentrate
1 oz Whole Grain Mustard


Season tilapia with olive oil, black pepper, and kosher salt.

In a hot pan, sear tilapia on both sides.

Remove from pan.

Add orange juice concentrate and water to pan.

Add brown sugar. Reduce by half

Whisk in whole grain mustard and simmer.

Add tilapia to pan to reheat.

Place on serving platter and garnish with orange slices.



A message to our community

As we acclimate to the new ways on campus, I realize so much has changed in just a few days. Some of the things that gave me the most joy, such as meeting with our students, talking with you during special events, or meeting my colleagues can no longer happen in the same way, at least for the time being. Along with my team, I wanted to think of ways to keep our connections alive, continue to show our care, and engage with our community. That being said, we are starting a new series called, Care.Connection.Community through which we will share messages with you.

Stay healthy and be well,
[email protected]