Terms and Policies

Meal plans are governed by the housing contract. Students accepting a housing contract who select a meal plan accept full responsibility for all terms conditions, and costs associated with the plan.

Housing and Dining Agreements, Terms and Conditions are contained on the Housing and Real Estate Services website.

Term of Agreement

Meal plans provide meals for the 2020 fall semester. Undergraduate meal plan begins with lunch on August 27 and ends with lunch on November 25. The agreement period includes Fall Recess. For students who are granted permission to remain on campus after November 25 there is a Special Agreements for meals through dinner on December 15. Graduate student meal plans begin with dinner on August 26 and end with dinner on December 15. The agreement period includes Fall Recess. All scheduled serving days are in accordance with the University academic calendar and are subject to change if the calendar should be revised. 

Meal Agreements

Students accepting a housing contract who select a meal plan accept full responsibility for all terms, conditions, and costs associated with the plan. (See Participation Requirements)  Housing and Dining Agreements, Terms and Conditions are contained on the Housing and Real Estate Services website.

Charges, PawPoints, and Non-Payment

Students with meal plans are required to pay the semester meal rate (See meal plan prices). Housing and Dining Agreements, Terms and Conditions include details on University Regulations on Non-Payment.


For single meals, students may purchase a single meal during the semester that they are on campus, even if they do not live on campus, provided they sign the Social Contract, comply with the Social Contract, and participate in the mandatory Monitoring and Testing Program in place for students.

  • Breakfast: $8.00
  • Lunch or Brunch: $11.00
  • Dinner: $15.00
Participation Requirements

Regardless of class year, all undergraduate students living on campus are required to have the Undergraduate meal plan. Exemptions are given to students living in Spelman.

Participation Exceptions

All undergraduate students living in the residential colleges are required to sign a dining contract unless excused by the dean of undergraduate students for medical reasons.

All individuals living in the Graduate College are required to sign a Campus Dining contract for one of the specified meal plans unless excused by the assistant/associate dean of the Graduate School.

Conditions of Participation

The following conditions apply.

  • It is the responsibility of all patrons to take only what they can reasonably eat.
  • Campus Dining staff reserve the right to inspect packages, coats, bags, etc. brought into the service area.
Termination and Change Policies

In all cases, the Graduate Student changing his or her agreement must personally sign a Change of Status form when the meal plan is changed. No refunds are given for the days prior to cancellation. Students receive a prorated refund only for the period after cancellation.

Graduate Students may sign a new or upgraded meal plan contracts by entering the online Housing System located on the Housing and Real Estate Services website and selecting the Modify Your Meal Plan. Undergraduates may add a meal plan by sending an email to AskHousing.

Sunday, October 11 is the final date Graduate students will have to change or, if eligible to do so, drop their meal plan selections.

Meal Card Policy

Your TigerCard is your meal card and must be presented to the card checker and swiped to gain access to a dining hall. Your meal plan is encoded in your card and when swiped the meal is tallied toward your meal plan allowance.
TigerCards are not transferable and are for the exclusive use of the student to whom it is issued. Checkers are required to confiscate cards presented by persons other than those whose picture appears on the card. Names of violators are then sent to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

Responsibility for the safeguarding and proper use of the card is solely that of its owner. Avoid any inconvenience and expense to yourself by treating your card like cash or a credit card. The only way of entering the dining hall for meals is with a valid TigerCard. Do not forget your card. No one is allowed in the dining hall without it.

  • Lost Cards: If you lose your card you must Replace your TigerCard following TigerCard Office instructions. If necessary you may obtain a temporary meal voucher from the dining hall manager. This voucher is valid for three days and must be presented at each meal. There is a nonrefundable charge of $2.50 for each voucher.
  • Other Ways to Use Your TigerCard in Campus Dining Operations: Your TigerCard also may be used for PawPoints or as a student charge for meals at residential colleges and at all Campus Dining retail operations. The TigerCard Office provides the details.