2023-2024 Single Meal Rates

Academic Year 2023-2024
Effective as of 09/02/2023

The meal rates provided reflect the amount students and their guests (when not using a meal plan), faculty and staff will be charged to eat at a dining hall. Note the rate varies slightly depending on the method of payment. Sales tax will be added to the rate for non-students.

Paw Points Meal Rates

  • Breakfast: $11.88
  • Lunch or Brunch: 14.54
  • Dinner: $20.43

Student Charge Meal Rates

  • Breakfast: $12.50
  • Lunch or Brunch: $15.30
  • Dinner: $21.50

*Center for Jewish Life Meal Rates
(Non-University Visitors)

  • Breakfast: $13.62
  • Lunch or Saturday Dinner: $19.85
  • Dinner or Saturday Lunch: $25.97
  • Friday Dinner: $28.60

    *All prices include tax