Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2021 Update - 11/24/2020

The following FAQs are as of November 24, 2020. For the latest information on Princeton University’s revised plan for the 2020-21 academic year, announced on November 24, 2020, please visit the Spring 2021 website.

These FAQs are intended to address questions we anticipate regarding campus dining for the Spring 2021 semester. However, the information provided in these FAQs is subject to change depending on legal requirements issued by federal, state, and local governments, as well as guidance issued by public health experts and relevant University policies.

Dining halls

Which dining halls will be open during the spring 2021 term?

We expect that all undergraduate dining halls, the Center for Jewish Life, and the Graduate College will be open for the spring semester, subject to state mandates and guidance in effect at the time.

Can I eat in any dining hall?

Seating and meal service capacity for each dining hall is limited. To comply with New Jersey rules and guidance, meal access may be limited to specific dining halls.

Will seating in the dining halls be limited? If yes, where will I be able to eat my meal if there are no seats in the dining hall?

Seating will be limited in all the dining halls to allow for six feet of social distancing. If there are no seats available in the dining hall, you may take your meals and eat in your room and other open areas throughout campus.

What are the extra safety precautions being taken at the dining halls?
  • Meals will be available for takeout and indoor dining. Available seating for indoor dining will be determined in accordance with social distancing guidelines.



  • Social distancing guidelines will be strictly observed by Campus Dining staff and social distancing decals will be placed on the premises. Students and other dining hall users must also adhere to social distancing rules.


  • Sensors have been installed at entryways and exits of open dining halls to provide anonymous, real-time counts of people present in the dining halls.

Meal plans

Will I be required to purchase a meal plan?

All undergraduate students residing on campus during the spring semester will be required to be on a meal plan with the exception of students living in Spelman.

If I live off campus, can I purchase a meal plan?

If you have been approved to be on campus and have completed the UHS Risk Assessment and COVID-19 Training Module, and you have signed the Social Contract, you may purchase a meal plan, even if you do not live on campus. You may participate in the meal plan as long as you comply with the Social Contract and participate in the mandatory Monitoring and Testing Program in place for students.

What will be the housing and dining costs?

The housing charge is $5240 and the meal plan charge is $2750.

I’m an undergraduate student returning to campus. If I accept a housing contract, then find out that I will not be able to come to campus, will I still be charged and receive a full refund of any deposit or fees?

If you are an undergraduate student returning to campus who finds out that you will not be able to come to campus after accepting a housing contract you can cancel your contract. You will not be charged for room and board and will receive a full refund of any deposit or fees. If you decide to cancel your contract after you have occupied your room you will be eligible for a prorated weekly refund of room and board charges until April 3, 2021. No refunds will be available after April 3, 2021.

FAQs updated November 24, 2020