Eating Club Meal Exchange

The Meal Exchange Program makes it possible for students with meal plans to dine with their friends at eating clubs, or between two different participating clubs, without spending additional funds. Administered jointly by the Inter-Club Council and Campus Dining, the program includes club-to-dining hall exchanges as well as club-to-club exchanges.

The program will begin on October 9, 2023 and end Friday, April 26, 2024 except during certain recess periods. Campus Dining facilities participating in this program are the Butler, Center for Jewish Life, Forbes, Mathey, Rockefeller, Whitman, Yeh, and New College West.

To initiate an exchange, visit

Club-to-Dining Hall Exchanges

At a dining hall, students can host multiple students, as long as none of the participants have already dined during that meal period at either a dining hall or a club.

All residential dining halls participate in the program. Participating clubs are identified prior to the start of the program. The 2 Dickinson Street and Brown co-ops are excluded.

The following rules apply:

  • Meal exchanges are limited to Sunday dinner through Friday lunch. Other limitations may be imposed by the individual dining facilities.
  • The program accommodates one-for-one exchanges. You may host multiple guests for a single meal. A separate exchange needs to be completed with each guest.  Both halves of the meal exchange must be completed within 30 days. A reminder for incomplete exchanges will be sent to students 5 days prior to the expiration of the 30 days. A charge is made to the host student if the exchange is not complete.
  • A dinner must be exchanged for a dinner, a lunch for a lunch, and a breakfast for a breakfast.
  • The program can be used only for meals covered by the board contracts of both the guest student and the host student.
  • Students wishing to participate must log into the mobile-friendly website and create an invitation to exchange a meal with a club member. (Club members may invite Campus Dining contract holders.)
  • Meal exchange cannot be used at the Frist Campus Center.
  • Misuse of the program results in a meal charge to the student’s account for the corresponding meal.

Club-to-Club Exchanges

This year the program was expanded to include exchanges between eating club members. To see if a club participates and for rules, please contact a club manager.
 Before they can participate, club members must be added to the app by the club managers.

All questions related to club-to-club exchanges should be directed to a club manager.  

Meal Exchange Walkthrough