Dining Programs

Your meal plan includes a number of programs designed to offer flexibility to your dining experience.

Lunch to Go

The Lunch to Go program is for times when dining in a residential dining hall or at Late Lunch is not convenient. The Lunch to Go program is for students with a meal plan only.

Sophomore Club Participation

This program enables sophomore eating club members to use their meal plan to take occasional meals at their club during part of the spring term of their sophomore year.

Guest Meals

Students with meal plans automatically have 10 meals credited to their plan for guests each semester. This entitles meal plan contract holders to bring a guest to a residential dining hall 10 times each semester at no additional charge. Once 10 guest meals have been tallied, students will be charged the guest meal rate.

Eating Club Meal Exchange

The Meal Exchange Program makes it possible for students with meal plans to dine with their friends at eating clubs without spending additional funds. Administered jointly by the Inter-Club Council and Campus Dining, the program includes club-to-dining hall exchanges as well as club-to-club exchanges.

Late Meals

Campus Dining recognizes that students may be unable to dine during regular dining hall hours. Therefore, students with meal plans are entitled to use their plan to purchase late lunches Monday to Friday and late dinner Monday to Thursday at the Food Gallery at Frist. One meal swipe is credited for all late meal purchases. You may only use one...

Two Extra Meals

Two Extra Meals is a University program intended to encourage juniors and seniors to stay connected to their residential colleges. Administered by Campus Dining, the program credits two extra meals per week to all juniors and seniors for use in a residential dining hall regardless of whether or not they have purchased a meal plan.