Local and Sustainable Ingredients

Understanding the story of one’s food from farm to table and back to soil; the knowledge and ability to make informed choices that support one’s health, community, and the environment has driven our sustainability efforts for over 20 years.

Origins Dinner

Origins is an interactive dining experience held during undergraduate student’s first-year orientation that highlights where our food comes from and why it matters.

As the first meal of the year, Origins cultivates a consciousness and ethos of sustainability in service to local and global communities and inspires a culture of gratitude for community efforts to support local farms and food purveyors, as well as for those who prepare their food.

Through Origins, and other sustainability programs during the year, we highlight what we do every day within the context of environmental challenges to encourage thoughtful solutions and community engagement while providing high-quality, great-tasting food prepared with healthy, sustainable ingredients assembled by a passionate team.