Full Service Catering FAQ

How can I find a campus location for my event?

Contact Conference and Event Services at 609-258-6115

Do you provide tables, chairs, linens and waste receptacles?

Clients are responsible for coordinating with Building Services to secure buffet tables, guest tables, room setup diagrams and trash and recycling receptacles. We will let you know how many food tables are needed based on your order.

Who do I contact for access to the building/space where my event will be held?

Please complete a service request with Facilities online at facilities.princeton.edu or call 609-258-8000.

Is there a minimum dollar amount and/or guest count?

Yes, there is a $150 minimum for events as well as a 25 person minimum for hot lunches and dinners, 50 person minimum for picnics cooked on site and a 40 person minimum for ice cream socials. Other restrictions may apply.

When is an attendant required?

Attendants are required when hot food will be served or the guest count is over 100, or if Catering will be supplying linens. Clients may secure their own linens and place them on the guest tables themselves. Staffing fees are determined by guest count and menu service, (i.e. buffet or table service and length of meal service).

When does the attendant arrive and what does he or she provide?

An attendant will arrive prior to your event start time and set up the buffet. We have decorations and buffet accents that will enhance your event. Once the food arrives, the attendant will set up the event, be present during your meal service time, available for any concerns and will clean up at the end of the event.

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered 30–45 minutes prior to your event start time. If there is no attendant, your event will be set up on a client-provided table with a black plastic cover. Trays will be unwrapped, cold beverages iced in bowls and all paper supplies and condiments are included.

Can I use your service when I am also ordering from an outside source?

No. For liability reasons, we are unable to provide food alongside food from an outside source.

Can I take leftovers with me?

No. For your safety, guests are not permitted to carry out perishable food.

Will I receive a credit for any unused items?

All items are ordered specifically for each event. We are not be able to process credit for unused items.

Are you able to accommodate guests with special dietary needs?

Yes. With advanced notice, we can accommodate most requests including Kosher, gluten-free, vegan and other dietary needs.

What items can your bake shop provide to make my event more special?

The Bake Shop can provide enhancements to your event including half or full sheet cakes, cookies and cakes with a photo image, shaped cookies (Tiger, P, shield, black and orange iced shortbread) and vegan cookies and fruit bars.

Do you accept tips?

No. We are not permitted to accept gratuities. If you had a great experience with one of our staff members and would like them recognized, email catering@princeton.edu or leave a comment on your survey.

Do you cater off campus?

No. At this time we only cater to on campus locations.

Are your paper supplies and tableware sustainable?

We currently use bamboo and eco-friendly plastics and Chinet is used for breakfast and buffets, unless special requests are made.